Chef Features 2012

Cayman attracts chefs of international repute to its shores year after year. Here are profiles of some of the best resident chefs on the island. Make sure you pay them a visit to sample their specialties!

Black Trumpet

Tamara Clark

With a passion for pastries, specifically French, Tamana was first introduced to the art of being a pastry chef by her grandmother in Vancouver where she grew up. Later she earned her pastry degree in the Master Program at the Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver. She has worked with acclaimed pastry chefs Thomas Haas of Haas Chocolates, Julian Bond of internationally acclaimed Oritalia Restaurant and Chef Michel Jacob of 4-star restaurant Le Crocodile. She is the Head Pastry Chef at Black Trumpet and delights in creating French delicacies including: millefeuille, truffles, croissant, pain au chocolat, apple jouliette, chocolate mousse and perfect Parisian macaroons which she is very proud of—as they are inspired by her favourite chef Pierre Hermes.

Calypso Grill

George Fowler

George started to cook at the age of 15 in Darlington, County Durham, England. He then worked in major hotels in the UK before heading over to the islands at the age of 36. Over the next 30 years, George worked in Tortola, Antigua, Jamaica, Aruba, Bahamas, St. Maarten and even opened a new hotel in Moscow, Russia. No stranger to celebrity, George has had the opportunity to prepare meals for Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Attenborough. George has been the Head Chef at Calypso Grill ever since the restaurant opened 12 years ago. When asked about his philosophy for preparing great food, George has always said, “I believe that the best meals are fresh and uncomplicated with an emphasis on enhancing the natural aromas and flavours that are already present.”


Andres Schoenbauer

Born in Austria, Andreas grew up on a beautiful farm in the countryside. Inspired by both his mother and grandmother, he decided after high school to become an apprentice under one of the best chefs in Austria. After working several years in hotels and restaurants across Europe, and also on a high-end cruise ship, he came to Cayman in 2008 where he started working at The Brasserie. He recently joined forces with XQ’s in May 2011 and is the now Head Chef at the restaurant. His signature dish is the Zwiebelrostbraten mit Schupfnudeln—try pronouncing that--although not yet featured on the menu at XQ’s. Stay tuned, as we expect great things from this young, dynamic chef!

Blue Cilantro

Thomas Tennant

In 2007, Thomas walked into the kitchen of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami and asked Chef Michael Schwartz for a job. He has been with Michael’s Genuine since and is the Executive Chef at their Grand Cayman location. He has been at the helm since its opening in 2010, creating a majority of his dishes around the local freshly-caught fish, farm-raised meat and locally grown produce. Born in Miami to Argentinean parents, Thomas began his career in the kitchen at age 16 at the South Beach resort in Miami Beach. His latest culinary passion is Lionfish, the invasive species threatening Cayman’s marine ecosystem. Thomas also leads Lionfish hunts with professional certified culling divers and then delicately cooks these voracious reef predators.