Chef Features - 2016

Cayman attracts chefs of international repute to its shores year after year. Here are profiles of some of the best resident chefs on the island. Make sure you pay them a visit to sample their specialties!

Market Street Group

Head Chef | Dylan Benoit

Dylan Benoit is the Head Chef for the Market Street Group here in the Cayman Islands. The group consists of Craft Food & Beverage Co, Mizu Asian Bistro + Bar, Waterfront Urban Diner, The Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta, Lone Star Bar & Grill and Duke's Seafood & Rib Shack. A Canadian native, Dylan has been moving around the world travelling and working for the past decade exploring major food destinations to expand his knowledge of cuisine and culture. He documents his travels with recipes, stories and photos to showcase incredible food and the adventures undergone to find it. Follow Dylan on Instagram
@dylanmbenoit for up-to-date food and travel photos from Cayman and abroad.

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Head Chef | Adriano Usini

Adriano Usini was born in Caravaggio, a small town in the north centre of Italy, close to Milan. At the age of 12 he started working at the weekends as a bus boy in a local restaurant, and at 14 he started at culinary school. He finished at the age of 17 and right after that he left Italy to work for Princess Cruises but only for six months. Then he worked in three different restaurants in Milan, spending a total of seven years there. In January 1997 he moved to the Cayman Islands and worked for Ristorante Pappagallo for six years. In 2002, he moved to Ragazzi and has been there ever since. He is married and his wife is also Italian and from his hometown. He has three sons and loves playing soccer.

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Head Chef | Andrea Turco

Chef Turco was born in Caravaggio, a small town on the outskirts of Milan. He studied at the hotel school I.P.S.S.A.R. in San Pellegrino, graduating in 2003. After school, he worked in Italy for three years, practising the skills he had learnt, then the desire to travel the world and learn new cooking styles lead him to England, Greece, Chile, Switzerland and Cayman. It was his thirst for knowledge and passion for cooking the inspired him to travel to these different corners of the globe. The fact that he has been immersed in so many different cultures, with their own unique style of cooking, has afforded him the opportunity to grow as a chef.

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The Wharf

Head Chef | Christian Reiter

Christian Reiter is Head Chef at the Wharf. He was born and raised in the mountains of Styria, Austria and started cooking at the age of four. At seven years of age he made his first dish, Cake with Butter Cream. Following school, he went on to apprentice at a local restaurant to begin his disciplined training. He worked under various Head Chefs, each with a different background, specialty and style. He learned a lot and took this education to sea on the Sea Goddess, moving from Chef de Partie to Sous Chef, absorbing many different cultures along the way. Eventually, he landed in Cayman at The Wharf where he has stayed ever since (apart from a short stint in Australia).

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