Meals on Wheels

Cayman's Food Truck Revolution!
Although still in its infancy, the food truck craze that swept the US has firmly arrived in Grand Cayman and is adding a new dimension to the culinary scene. From healthy kebabs and fresh juices to pulled pork and lobster mac and cheese, Cayman’s food trucks are satisfying tourists and residents across the island with their no frills, high quality street food.

Look out for the following brightly coloured food trucks around Cayman’s streets – your taste buds will thank you!

Al La Kevroom

Look out for Al La Ke-Vroom's funky yellow and purple food truck which pioneered the food truck movement in Cayman. Try their freshly made and healthy kebabs, salads and wraps and Middle Eastern favourites, such as pita wraps stuffed with flavoursome beef and lamb, with creamy garlicky tzatziki sauce or chicken schwarma with tahini sauce.

Where to find 'em: Elgin Ave. for lunch and Red Bay for dinner.
Phone: (345)943-4343
Hours: Daily 6pm-10.30pm

Gabriel's Grill Cayman

Bringing 'farm-to-street' to a street near you. Stand out dishes include Lobster mac & cheese, portabello mushroom burger and BBQ chicken with sweet potato salad - it's messy but oh so good!

Where to find 'em: Corner of Elgin Ave or 273 Dorcy Drive
Phone: (345) 923-5300

Smokin' Bros

Mouthwatering smoked BBQ meat to die for. Try favourites such as pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches. The health conscious needn't despair! They also serve quinoa and kale salads.

Where to find 'em: Public Beach area and/or Laurence Boulevard (across from Cimboco) during the day, near to Country and Western in the evening
PHONE: 516 2767

Swanky Stop

Wholesome goodness abounds from this brightly coloured truck on the cricket pitch. Try refreshing made-to-order fruit smoothies and pick up tons of fresh seasonal produce from friendly local farmers.

Where to find 'em: Near the Cricket Pitch/Farmers Market
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm