Brasserie (The) Takeaway & Delivery Menu

Cricket Square, 171 Elgin Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
Telephone: (345) 945 1815

For Delivery Orders:
Call: 945 1815 | Fax: Faxed orders are not accepted | Email: Email orders are not accepted

Delivery terms: Minimum $50 order for free deliveries to South Sound and George Town. Curbside pick-up, 11am-6pm, or delivery ONLY, 6-9pm.
Delivery times: Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm

Appetisers and Salads

Soup of the Day
12oz for CI$5.50, 16oz CI$6.50
Fish Cakes - CI$13.00
garden purslane, smoked lemon, local beet remoulade
Grilled Cheese - CI$9.00
soft brie, white truffle, surinam cherry jam
Build Your Own Salad
CI$8.99 per LB. GREENS: Romaine lettuce, garden arugula, mixed greens, spinach. TOPPINGS: Beets, carrots, tomato, red onion, radish, cucumber, red pepper, green pepper, cabbage, grapes, garlic croutons, bacon, sweet potato, kalamata olives, marinated tofu, sliced jalapeno, cranberries, raisins, fennel. CHEESE: Goat cheese, goat ricotta, Feta cheese, fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, blue cheese. NUTS & SEEDS: Walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds. Housemade Dressings: Caesar, ranch, balsamic, honey dijon, red wine shallot, Italian coco lime, sweet & sour.


Panini of the Day - CI$13.00
mixed greens salad and balsamic dressing
BBQ Chicken Sandwich - CI$15.00
challah bun, pepper jack cheese, crispy onion, coleslaw, housemade pickles, arugula, chipotle aioli, steak fries
Smoked Brisket and Rice Dumplings - CI$14.00
shiitake mushroom, green onion, yellow yam, surinam cherry sambal
Certified Angus Beef Sirloin Burger - CI$19.00
brioche bun, gruyere cheese, tobacco onions, roasted tomato, housemade pickleslettuce, basil aioli, steak fries
Brasserie Catch' Fish Curry - CI$19.00
cumin rice, mustard greens, celery achar, tomato raita, papadum
Fried Chicken - CI$18.00
country mashed potatoes, cauliflower biscuit, garden herb gravy
Brasserie Catch' Poke Bowl - CI$20.00
jamine rice, avocado, edamame, green mango kimchi, cucumber, edamame, spicy soy, wakame, toasted sesame seeds
Brasserie Catch' of the Day - CI$24.00
garden cauliflower cous cous, pickled okra, collard greens, local tomato, vinaigrette
Garden Vegetable Curry - CI$16.00
Organic quinoa, local pumpkin, sweet potato, bok choy, turmeric, ginger, scotch bonnet, coconut milk, peppers, cilantro chutney, toasted cashews

Shared Plates

Charcuterie Platter - CI$20.00
serrano ham, lomo, chorizo iberico, gran bavarese, bra tenero, nero di pienza, Brasserie honey, marcona almonds, olives, grilled muesil and sourdough bread
Margherita Pizza - CI$14.00
local tomato, fresh mozzarella, garden basil
Chef's Special Pizza - CI$16.00
smoked brisket, cheddar cheese, charred green onion, marinated tomato, collard greens, shaved radish
Brasserie Hummus - CI$7.00
crudites, housemade whole wheat lavash

Pastries and Baked Goods

Brownies - CI$3.25
Housemade Cookies - CI$2.50
chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, coconut cranberry, peanut butter, chocolate walnut
Cupcakes - CI$3.75
carrot cake, red velvet, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate vegan, coconut, special of the week
Cake of the Day - CI$5.50
Pie of the Day - CI$5.25
Dessert of the Day - CI$5.25

Kids Menu

Certified Angus Beef Cheese Burger - CI$15.00
cheddar cheese, steak fries, side of carrot sticks, fruit salad
Grilled Cheese - CI$10.00
cheddar & provolone cheese, black forest ham, side of cucumber,fruit salad
Penne Pasta - CI$10.00
butter, marinara or alfredo sauce, chicken, seasonal vegetables,parmesan cheese, side of fruit
Brasserie Catch' - CI$15.00
rice pilaf, seasonal vegetables, fruit salad
Spinach Salad - CI$6.00
quinoa, carrot, celery, corn, green apple, grapes, feta cheese,ranch dressing


Gold-Medium Roast, Barrington Coffee Roasting Co. - CI$15.00
Espresso - CI$3.50
Americano - CI$3.50
Cappuccio/Latte - CI$4.25
Drip Coffee
12oz for CI$2.5, 16oz for CI$3
Iced Latte - CI$4.25
Iced Americano - CI$4.00
Cold Brew - CI$4.00
Immunity Booster Iced Tea - CI$3.00
Hibiscus Lime Iced Tea - CI$3.00
Coconut Water - CI$3.75
Kombucha - CI$7.00

Beer and Cocktails

6-Pack Beer - CI$15.00
Old Fashioned Cocktail - CI$9.00
Manhattan Cocktail - CI$9.00
Negroni Cocktail - CI$9.00
Coconut Mojito - CI$9.00

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