Cimboco - A Caribbean Cafe Dinner Menu

The Marquee Plaza, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
Telephone: (345) 947 2782

Island Salads & Starters

Soup - CI$6.75 Vegetarian dish
Cream of Tomato
Vegetarian Quiche - CI$9.50 Vegetarian dish
A Fluffy & Delicious Vegetable Quiche, with Petite Baby Greens
Cobb Salad - CI$10.50
Crisp bacon, sweet corn, boiled egg, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese and crisp romaine lettuce with a side of house made dressing
Plaintain Wrapped Callaloo - CI$8.95 Vegetarian dish
Local callaloo seasoned with Caribbean flavours wrapped in ripe golden fried plantain and accompanied with spicy Cayman style sauce
Island Inspired Bruschetta - CI$6.75 Vegetarian dish
Hearth bread toasts topped with a citrus scented mix of tomatoes, garlic, olive oil & fresh basil
Cimboco’s Caesar - CI$7.50
Simply the best Caesar on the Island!

Island Style Sandwiches

White Fish Sandwich - CI$12.50
Roasted white fish marinated with “island spices” served with crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes and “creole” aioli, on a savory coconut focacia bread
Quesadilla - CI$10.95 Vegetarian dish
Flour tortilla tucked with grilled chicken, tomatoes, peppers, cheddar and mozzarella cheese alongside sour cream
7 Mile Beach Club - CI$10.50
Flour tortilla tucked with lightly spiced chicken salad, apple wood smoked bacon, crisp lettuce & tomatoes served alongside artisan greens
Cimboco's Rustic Burger - CI$12.50
Handmade seasoned burger patty, painted with house-made BBQ sauce topped with apple-wood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato & onion on a freshly baked burger bun
Jerk Chicken Sandwich - CI$9.99
Delicious and “Hot! Hot!” – on fresh baked hearth bread with crisp leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, melted provolone and garlic aioli

Artisan Pizzas

Eggplant Pizza - CI$14.50 Vegetarian dish
Marinated and roasted tomatoes, eggplant and mushroom with shaved parmesan and feta cheese on a pesto brushed cracker crust
BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza - CI$15.50
BBQ sauce, spicy jerk chicken, tomatoes, Bermuda onion, mozzarella and thyme
Cayman Margherita Pizza - CI$12.95 Vegetarian dish
Housemade tomato sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella and thyme
Canadian Bacon & Pineapple on House made Tomato Sauce with Mozzarella Cheese Finished with Pepper flakes

Add to the Cayman Margherita Pizza: Up to five vegetables $2.00 Bacon, Pepperoni or Jerk Chicken $2.95 (each) Why not try a different base? BBQ, Pesto, White Sauce. Gluten Free Crust $1.50 extra


Simple ‘n’ Light - CI$13.95 Vegetarian dish
Linguini pasta simply tossed with olive oil, garlic, sweet tomatoes and fresh basil finished with shaved parmesan and crumbled feta cheese
Chicken Fettuccini - CI$15.95
Alfredo with a twist! ~ spinach fettuccini in creamy cheese sauce with “island style” jerk chicken finished with shaved parmesan and roasted red pepper
Curry Chicken Pasta - CI$15.95
Curried chicken simmered with fresh spinach, tomatoes and a coconut infused curry sauce, tossed with “bow ties”
Spiced Shrimp Alfredo - CI$16.95
Succulent black tiger shrimp with spinach and bell peppers. Embracing a scotch bonnet infused alfredo sauce tossed with bow tie pasta
Cimboco Linguini Carbonara - CI$14.95
Crisp apple wood smoked bacon, garlic and onion in parmesan cream sauce
Baked Bacon & Cheese Pasta - CI$14.75
Cheesy cheese sauce with apple wood smoked bacon and penne pasta finished with mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection
Shrimp Pesto - CI$17.25
Linguine pasta tossed in our home made basil pesto crowned with succulent grilled shrimp finished with shaved parmesan cheese

Try adding Grilled or Jerk Chicken $4.95, Jerk Pork $4.95, Grilled Shrimp $6.95, Fillet of Fish $8.50, Grilled Garlic Toast $3.50

Main Sails

Seared Salmon, Island Style - CI$19.75
Seared salmon, balanced on a tropical salad with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables tossed with an “island style house dressing
Seafood Risotto - CI$19.75
Pan seared white fish, salmon and jumbo shrimp embracing vine ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and bell peppers resting on a vibrant roasted red pepper risotto
Braised Beef Short Ribs - CI$19.85
Tender roasted beef ribs, served off the bone garlic-mashed potatoes napped in bbq sauce completed with butter tossed carrots
Banana Leaf Roasted Snapper - CI$19.95
A fillet of fresh snapper seasoned with cilantro, sweet and island vegetables, tucked in a banana leaf, slow roasted and served over creamy coconut infused cassava along with grilled carrots, zucchini and stuffed tomato
The Perfect Steak - CI$19.99
10oz steak “Grilled to your Likening” smothered with mushroom ragout, alongside roasted potatoes and side salad

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