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Camana Bay
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Appetizers & Salads

Arugula Salad - CI$9.95 Vegetarian dish
Arugula caramelized walnuts, bosc pears, blueberries and balsamic vinegar
Quinoa Salad - CI$10.50 Vegetarian dish
Asian infused with sesame, roasted pumpkin, scallion, orange and lime dressing,crispy cancha corn and celery spoon
Agua House Salad - CI$7.50 Vegetarian dish
Baby greens, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, fennel in a French mustard dressing
Kale Salad - CI$9.50 Vegetarian dish
Local, red beets, pine nuts and raspberry vinaigrette
Avocado Roll - CI$11.50 Vegetarian dish
Avocado, carrot and sliced almonds wrapped in a crispy spring roll shell
Porcini & Portobello with Crispy Papadum - CI$9.50 Vegetarian dish
Sautéed mushroom with garlic, white wine and herbs, served with crispy papadum
Vegan Ceviche - CI$9.50 Vegetarian dish
Burnoise of vegetables, marinated in lime juice, served with tortilla chips

Main Courses

Penne Primavera - CI$17.50 Vegetarian dish
Penne pasta sautéed with a Brunoise of vegetables and white wine garlic sauce
Penne Pasta Arrabbiata - CI$18.95 Vegetarian dish
Penne pasta sautéed in a spicy tomato sauce
Vegan Paella - CI$19.95 Vegetarian dish
Traditional Spanish style, slowly baked in saffron broth and vegetables
Risotto ai Porcini - CI$23.95 Vegetarian dish
Arborio rice tossed with porcini mushroom and a drizzle of white truffle oil
Vegan Stir Fry - CI$20.50 Vegetarian dish
Sautéed vegetables in a homemade stir fry sauce, served with white rice
Vegan Platter - CI$18.95 Vegetarian dish
Mixed grilled vegetables tossed in a salmoriglio sauce, with chick peas, mixed marinated olives and semidried tomatoes

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