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Ka Li

Thai Kung Red Curry - CI$17.50
Shrimp, Red Curry, Bamboo Shoot and Kafir Lime Leaf
Indonesian Curry Ayam - CI$15.00
Sliced Chicken, Sweet Peppers, Chilis, Yellow Curry and Coconut Milk
Thai Massaman Pla - CI$18.00
Two Fish Fillets, Curry Sauce and Green Peas


Bourbon Ji - CI$15.00
Marinated Roasted Chicken, Kentucky Whiskey and Spices
Crispy Ji - CI$16.00
Half Slow Roast Chicken, Five Spice
Malaysian Crispy Siok Bak - CI$17.00
Pork with Crackling, Fresh Chilies, Ginger and Garlic
Crispy Ya - CI$19.50
Half Slow Roast Duck, Hoisin Sauce


Goto - CI$8.00
Seasoned Beef with Scallion, Ginger and Garlic
Arrozcaldo - CI$8.00
Seasoned Chopped Chicken, Garlic, Onion, Ginger


Bangus - CI$15.00
Milk Fish' Fillets, Garlic, Onion and Pan Fried
Longanisa - CI$13.00
Filipino Style Pork Sausage
Tapa - CI$13.00
Marinated Pan Seared Sliced Steak
Tocino - CI$13.00
Marinated Sweet and Tender Sliced Pork


Baboy Sinigang - CI$15.00
Pork Spare Rib

Filipino Dishes

Tokwa't Baboy - CI$8.00
Crispy Pork Belly, Tofu, Caramelised Onion
Pinakbet - CI$14.00
Crispy Pork, Local Pumpkin, Sauteed Eggplant, Okra & Bitter Melon
Papitan Savoury Soup - CI$15.00
Tender Beef Tripe, Ginger, Onion & Garlic
Bulalo Savoury Soup - CI$15.00
Beef Shank, String beans, Bok Choy & Cob Corn
Kare-Kare - CI$15.00
Stewed Ox Tail, Eggplant, Bok Choy, Long Beans, Peanut Sauce
Pinoy Sisig - CI$15.00
Sizzling Minced Pork, Chicken Liver, Egg, Garlic, Fresh Chili Peppers


Sweet and Sour - CI$14.50
Crispy Chicken or Pork with our Wok-N-Roll Sweet-N-Sour Sauce
Butterfly Xia - CI$17.00
Jumbo Shrimp with a Delicated Five Spice Batter
Honey Garlic - CI$14.50
Crispy Chicken or Pork with our Wok-N-Roll Honey Garlic Sauce
Sweet and Spicy - CI$14.50
Crispy Chicken or Pork, Vietamese Chili, Honey and Peanut Sauce
Crispy Pata Famous Filipino Delicacy - CI$16.50
Pork Trotter, Soy, Seasoned Vinegar and Atchara Pickled Green Papaya

Tian Pin

Pinoy Halo Halo - CI$8.00
Classic Flan, Ice Cream, Pandan Gelatin and Coconut
Cassava Cake - CI$5.50
Asian Style with Local Cassava
Add Vanilla Ice Cream - CI$6.50
Leche Flan - CI$7.50
Caramelised Silky Egg Custard
Butchi - CI$5.50
Toasted Sesame Ball Filled with Sweet Red Bean Paste
Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream - CI$6.00
Two Scoops

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