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Marquee Plaza, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
Telephone: (345) 943-4343

Choose your combination of pita wrap with any sauce and any topping.

Our chefs are flexible and can accommodate your requests.


Lobster Bisque - CI$9.95
Rich and decadent Lobster Bisque, made with lobster butter, home-made lobster stock, cream and brandy. Only Available for the month of December
Lobster Mania Wrap - CI$14.25
Your choice of Pita bread and toppings served with butter poached lobster and a gryuere-lobster cheese sauce.
Lobster Mania over Fries
Butter poached lobster and gruyere-lobster cheese sauce served over crispy fries. Starting at $14.25
Lobster Mania over Rice
Butter poached lobster and gruyere-lobster cheese sauce served over rice. Starting at $14.25

Pita wraps

Beef & Lamb - CI$8.25
Traditional Greek Gyros-style beef and lamb, grilled to perfection on our vertical grill
Chicken - CI$7.50
Middle Eastern spices abound in this secret marinade. Lean cuts of marinated chicken grilled and sliced before your eyes!
Falafel - CI$8.25 Vegetarian dish
A Lebanese specialty, this vegetarian chickpea fritter is not just for herbivores! Try our new, improved house made version
Half n Half - CI$8.25
If you like the best of both worlds choose any two of the above
Veggie Kebab - CI$7.50 Vegetarian dish
Feta cheese, kalamata olives and red peppers with your favourite toppings and sauce make this a substantial but healthy alternative


Shish-kebabs - also known as meats on a stick - complete our Mediterranean repertoire!
Enjoy them on a white or wheat pita wrap
Pork Tenderloin Souvlaki - CI$9.25
Spicy Chicken Tikka - CI$8.50
Choose between Spicy and Mild Tikka Marinade
Asian Beef Tenderloin - CI$12.25
Grilled to order, let us know how you like it done!
Grilled Shrimp - CI$12.50
Lamb Souvlaki - CI$13.95
Succulent leg of lamb, marinated in Greek Seasoning and grilled to order.
Special Combo Deals available - ask the friendly staff!

Then Add your Topping

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Pickle, Choice of Sauce
Add on:
Cheddar, Feta, Olives, Red Pepper, Extra Sauce, Chicken, Falafel, Extra Pita, Extra Beef & Lamb

Then Add your Sauce

All of our sauces are home-made and the recipes come from all the regions where pita wraps are enjoyed -
no matter what you are used to calling them!
(yogurt, dill, garlic, onion)
Peanut Satay
(peanut butter, coconut milk),
(sesame, garlic, lemon, parsley)
Spicy Chilli Sauce
(we mean SPICY!)
Mango Chutney
(mango, red pepper, chilli)
Sweet Donair
(garlic cream sauce)
(cheese with a kick)
Green Curry
(cilantro, mint, coriander, curry)
(home-made gravy, yummy with cheese)
(pineapple, sesame, soy)
Jerk Mayo
(a local favourite)
Harissa Sauce
(chili flakes, roasted red peppers & herbs)

Salads & Sides

Fattoush Salad (Regular) - CI$4.95 Vegetarian dish
Romaine lettuce, mint, parsley and secret spices topped with tomato, cucumber and crunchy pita chips!
Greek Salad (Regular) - CI$4.95 Vegetarian dish
Red peppers, cucumbers, tomato, onion, feta cheese and kalamata olives - a real classic!
Tabbouleh Salad - CI$5.75 Vegetarian dish
Middle Eastern salad with tomato, parsley, mint, green onion and cracked wheat.
Add Topper
Chicken $2.95 / Beef & Lamb $3.50 / Falafel $3.50
Hummus & Pita - CI$4.25 Vegetarian dish
Traditional chickpea dip with parsley and garlic, served with your choice of whole wheat or white pita bread
Sauce & Pita - CI$4.50 Vegetarian dish
Customise your dipping experience and enjoy your fave sauce with some warm pita bread
Thai Lemongrass Chicken Soup - CI$4.25
A spicy homemade Asian soup, chockful with roasted vegetables and freshly sliced chicken
Fries Vegetarian dish
Healthier than you think, thanks to the zero trans fat canola oil! (Sm $2.95 / Reg 3.50 / Lrg $4.25)
Fries and shredded cheese topped with our famous gravy! (Sm. $3.75 / Reg. $4.95 / Lg. $7.50)
Disco Fries
Fries topped with bacon, queso, chili, sour cream & green onion! (Sm. $4.95 / Reg. $6.95 / Lg. $10.25)


Chocolate Brownie - CI$3.75
Homemade chocolate chunk decadence!


Assorted Sodas - CI$1.50
Assorted Juices - CI$2.50
Red Bull - CI$2.75
Bottled Water - CI$1.25

Remember that you can enjoy our fresh and healthy food into the wee small hours of the morning!

Our chefs and friendly servers are standing by to prepare your favourite concoction

until 4 am on weeknights, 3 am on Saturdays and 2 am on Sundays!

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