Thai Orchid Dessert Menu

Queens Court Plaza
West Bay Road, Off Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Telephone: (345) 949 7955

For Delivery Orders:
Call: (345) 623 3463 | Fax: Faxed orders are not accepted | Email: Email orders are not accepted

Delivery terms: Order through Fine Dine-In and Island Grub.
Delivery times: Mon-Sun 5pm-9pm

Coffee & Digestifs

Coffee or Tea - CI$2.50
Thai Ice Tea - CI$3.00
Espresso Romano - CI$2.75
Straight shot of espresso with freah lemon peel
Cappuccino - CI$3.50
A serving of espresso with equal part steamed milk and foam
Café Latte - CI$3.50
Special from the Bar - CI$7.00
Café Jamaica, Café Kahlua, Café Au Marnier, Café Maria, Irish Coffee, Bailey's Coffee


Thai Pandan Cake - CI$7.00
A very light sponge cake with Pandan juice layered with a creamy coconut custard. (Pandan is a herb native to Thailand)
Dark and White Chocolate Mouse Cake - CI$7.00
Velvet chocolate mousses served with a crème anglaise and raspberry coulis
Bailey's Cheese Cake - CI$7.00
Creamy cheesecake blended with Bailey's liqueur
Suladda's Bread Pudding - CI$7.00
Caramelized bread blended with white chocolate chunks, freah banana and a delicate touch of Grand Marnier, served warm with vanilla ice cream and tropical fruit salsa
Banana Delight - CI$6.00
Vanilla ice cream served with sliced bananas, chocolate-raspberry sauce
Chocolate Walnut Fudge Cake - CI$7.00
Flourless chocolate cake served with crème anglaise
Bitter Orange Crème Brulee - CI$5.00
Classic crème brulee with orange peels, baked to perfection
Sticky Toffee Pudding - CI$7.00
Coconut Pineapple OR Vanilla Ice Cream - CI$5.00
Mango Sorbet - CI$5.00
Lychees in Syrup - CI$5.00


Hennessy - CI$8.00
Remy Martin - CI$8.00
Courvoisier - CI$8.00
Armagnac - CI$9.00
Grappa - CI$8.50
Port - CI$6.00
Desert Wine - CI$5.00

Last updated: Tue, 17 Dec 2019

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