Mango Tree Restaurant Full restaurant menu

518 Shedden Road, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
Telephone: (345) 946 8333

Caribbean Specialities

Stewed Turtle - CI$12.00
Swiss Steak - CI$9.00
Stewed Pork - CI$8.00
Curried Goat - CI$9.00
Cow Foot and Beans - CI$8.00
Stewed Chicken - CI$8.00
Roast Chicken - CI$8.00
Split Pea Soup - CI$3.00
Chicken and Dumpling - CI$8.00
Stewed Conch - CI$10.00
Escovitch Fish - CI$12.00
BBQ Chicken - CI$8.00
Tripe Beans - CI$8.00
Roast Beef - CI$8.00
Baked Chicken - CI$8.00
Salt Beef and Beans - CI$8.00
Oxtail and Beans - CI$8.00
BBQ Pork Ribs - CI$8.00
Steamed Fish - CI$12.00
Cow Head and Beans - CI$8.00
Chicken Soup - CI$3.00
Stuffed Roast Chicken - CI$8.00
Pork Chops - CI$9.00
Beef Soup - CI$3.00
Honey Roasted Chicken - CI$8.00
Escovitch Pork - CI$8.00
Brown Stew Fish - CI$12.00
Red Bean Soup - CI$10.00
Curried Chicken - CI$8.00
Fried Fish - CI$12.00
Jerk Chicken or Pork
from CI$7.00 Available at Weekends until 2am
Outside Buffet
Price ranges from CI$5-$8
Bufallo Wings - CI$10.00
Bufallo Shrimps - CI$12.00
Conch Fritters - CI$8.50

Latin Food

Steak Pork - CI$10.00
With white rice and black beans
Stew Beef - CI$10.00
With white rice and black beans
Fried Plantain - CI$3.00
Guacamole and Tortillas - CI$5.00
Black Beans - CI$2.00
Shrimp Quesadilla - CI$8.00
Chicken & Chilli Quesadilla - CI$7.00

Also available

Burgers,Chicken Fingers, Fish Fingers, Hot wings, Shrimp and Lobster and Latin Dishes

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