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Vegan Meal Delivery Service


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Vegan Meal Delivery Service


0 Reviews
George Town, Grand Cayman (345) 926 0508 Website

Saucha is a meal delivery service in Cayman that specialises in vegan and food raw dishes. Saucha prepares each dish with fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables grown by Cayman's local farmers. Well known to local vegan foodies, Saucha will deliver lunch to your office or home every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 12.30pm.

Dishes always include fresh savoury sauces and delectable housemade accompaniments such as cashew cheese and sprouted pulses. Saucha also brews their own house kombucha that is handcrafted using locally grown fruits.  Rich raw, vegan desserts and clean healthy snacks are also available.  Gluten-free options can be arranged.

The Saucha team regularly runs vegan cooking classes and yoga retreats in the Cayman Islands.

Saucha distributes their handcrafted kombucha in Cayman to Bliss, Kirk Market, Island Naturals, Bread & Chocolate, Gino's, Foster's Bay Market and Brasserie Market.


  • Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • Handcrafted Kombucha
  • Raw & Vegan Desserts & Snacks
  • Gluten-Free Options

Delivery Details

  • Terms & Conditions

    Deliveries from West Bay to Grand Harbour.

  • Times

    Mon-Thurs 10.30am-1pm (WB to Grand Harbour) Special delivery to Eastern Districts on Tuesday and Thursday ONLY