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Taikun is Cayman's gourmet sushi lounge that fuses the finest grade of sushi with authentic ingredients, sophisticated presentation and legendary Ritz-Carlton service. 

From traditional makis to the freshest sashimi to savory tempura rolls, Taikun delivers an experience worthy of its name, an ancient Japanese term of respect from which the English word tycoon was derived. One of the hallmarks of the Taikun experience is that real wasabi is grated table-side. 

The staff grates the rhizome against sharkskin in traditional Asian fashion, ensuring the delicate wasabi root touches only organic materials. Taikun has one of the largest saké selections on Island as well as an extensive Omakase menu. 


  • Gourmet Sushi
  • Omakese Menu
  • Extensive Saké List
  • Real Wasabi