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2014 Official Guide

We constantly update this site and feature all the latest bars, coffee shops, event planning services and restaurants in the Cayman Islands. Businesses regularly update their own listings so the data is as up-to-date as possible. Check out our new Promotions for 2014 and the Waterfront Dining section. We also giveaway amazing prizes on Facebook from some of Cayman's top restaurants, so 'Like' us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so we can keep you informed.


Cayman Restaurants

We have personally visited all the restaurants, bars and cafes listed and make it our mission to ensure that the information is accurate and as comprehensive as possible. We also provide menus for the Grand Cayman restaurants listed so that you can search Cayman restaurant menus to find your favourite dish and even list daily specials.


Cayman Bars

Here we recommend all the bars in Grand Cayman from beach bars, wine bars, martini bars and even nightclubs so you can sample Cayman nightlife and dance the night away. We cover everything from trendy sushi bars to sports bars showing the latest games to the more earthy dive bar! In fact the whole spectrum of Cayman Islands bars!

Event Planning

Island Event Planning

If you are looking to realise your dream by having a special event in Cayman then this section will help you. We list anything from Cayman caterers, venues for your special Cayman wedding or other special parties and the services from wine merchants to production companies to make your event in Grand Cayman come true.

Check out these newcomers to Cayman's restaurant scene: Beach House which serves coastal cuisine from an award winning chef, Island Naturals and Jessie's Juice which both offer delicious vegan and gluten free food, the "big hearted" and very friendly Lauren's, Red Snapper which open in January 2014 in Red Bay, The Waterfront Urban Dinner offering delicious breakfasts and other American classics, West Indies Wine Company wine bar with their new concept in wine tasting and Wok-n-Roll which has very reasonably priced Asian cuisine. Coming in April 2014 we will see The Bistro which will be located in the new Caribbean Plaza.

Other tasty titbits from include: 'Restaurants that deliver in Cayman' for those of you who just want fine food in your own home of office; the ability to search on the Grand Cayman restaurant menus, so you can find the dish, the price and the Cayman restaurant that serves your favourite food, as well as daily specials; the ability to view the latest Cayman restaurant reviews, or to add your own review to share your dining experiences with other Cayman foodies; all the latest restaurant news in the Cayman Islands and now we provide you with monthly events in Cayman and lots of other interesting articles from the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean! Enjoy our new site and feel free to email us your comments and suggestions.